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Double cleansing vs skipping your morning cleanse: which works in midlife?

Social media is always ablaze with skincare trends. Take cleansing, for example. You can’t really go wrong when washing your face, right? Well, turning to Instagram or TikTok for an answer may throw up some confusing results.

Two cleansing trends are currently filling our social media feeds – double cleansing and skipping your morning cleanse – with plenty of influencers touting the benefits for each.

In the past, many of us have simply washed our face morning and night as the first steps of our routines. But what’s best for more mature skin?

We chatted to Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, skin expert and Adonia Medical Clinic director and founder, to learn whether either trend can be beneficial for mature skin, plus how to try them effectively.

What is double cleansing?

Cleansing should always be the first step in any skincare routine to remove dirt, impurities, makeup and SPF. If we don’t cleanse effectively, we may notice breakouts and uneven texture.

While we might be used to repeating this step with the same product, double cleansing involves using two different face washes consecutively to thoroughly clean the skin, before we move onto the rest of our routine.

“It typically starts with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and impurities, followed by a water-based or gentle cleanser for a deeper cleanse,” explains Dr Ejikeme.

Experts say using two different cleansers after one another can give skin an even deeper cleanse to remove any excess dirt and oil.

 How do you effectively double cleanse?

“Start with an oil-based cleanser to break down makeup and impurities,” says Dr Ejikeme.

“Follow this with a water-based or cream cleanser to remove any remaining residue and to provide a gentle cleansing experience.

“This routine can be performed both in the morning and at night.”

Is it suitable for mature skin?

Yes! Dr Ejikeme says that double cleansing can be suitable for skin in midlife.

“This method is generally suitable for mature skin as it ensures a more effective removal of pollutants without stripping away essential oils,” she explains.

What does skipping your morning cleanse involve?

Skipping your morning cleanse is as simple as it sounds. You simply cleanse your skin at nighttime, forgoing the one in the morning.

You may still want to rinse your face with water in the AM, but you don’t need to use a product here.

Is it beneficial for mature skin?

If you struggle with dry skin, skipping cleansing in the morning may aid your complexion concerns.

Over-cleansing our skin can often disrupt the skin’s natural oils, sometimes making it even drier.

“This can be beneficial if you have dry skin, over-cleansing can disrupt the skin’s natural oils, and skipping the morning cleanse allows the skin to maintain some of its natural hydration,” says Dr Ejikeme.

What pros and cons are there to skipping your morning cleanse?

As Dr Ejikeme explains, skipping your morning cleanse can preserve natural oils. This may help to maintain hydration in your complexion and prevent any potential irritation or dryness.

If your skin is oily or prone to congestion, skipping a face wash in the AM might not be suitable for you as it won’t address excess oil or impurities that may lead to breakouts.

The verdict?

It seems like double cleansing is the winner here for mature skin.

“The double cleansing method is a great choice for mature dry skin, ensuring a gentle cleansing routine,” shares Dr Ejikeme.

As for the rest of your routine?

“Another product that can complement this is an emollient cream and a rich moisturiser,” she shares.

Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme is a Skin Expert and Medical Director/Founder of Adonia Medical Clinic. Follow on Instagram @Dr_Ifeoma_Ejikeme or visit @Adonia_Medical_Clinic

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