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Benefits of eating greens for your skin

The health benefits of eating greens are numerous – they lower the risk of heart disease, cognitive decline and even some cancers. There’s no part of the body that doesn’t benefit from dark leafy greens and our skin is no exception.

From chard to kale, we’re celebrating the greens that give our most-prized skincare picks a run for their money.

Calming skin benefits of eating greens

The bright green colours of vibrant veggies are a dead giveaway to one of their most potent plant powers. The green pigment (known as chlorophyll) is a powerful anti-inflammatory. There’s evidence to suggest that eating lots of this soothing substance can help inflammatory skin conditions.

Eating more greens and skipping inflammatory foods (like refined carbohydrates, processed meats and sugary drinks) can help with conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

Try it: Make a conscious effort to load your shopping trolley with a wide array of greens. Try something new like cavolo nero, bok choi or turnip greens.

Eat spinach for plumper skin

Folate, otherwise known as vitamin B9, is vital for the synthesis of amino acids. These are the protein building blocks we need to keep skin plump, bouncy and strong well into later life. Though your local health store will trade folate supplements for a pretty penny, spinach and rocket are tasty, bio-available sources of this beautifying B vitamin.

Try it: Whether you prefer a sweet or savoury breakfast, spinach makes it super simple to get a folate fix first thing. Simply blitz a handful into a low-GI berry smoothie or fold into a morning omelette.

Enjoy kale for radiant-looking skin

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet.

Just one cup (67g) contains:

  • 684% of our daily vitamin K intake
  • 206% of our daily vitamin A intake
  • 134% of our daily vitamin C intake

Vitamin K is known to protect our bones and support a healthy circulatory system by strengthening capillary walls. Capillaries are essential for a healthy complexion as they deliver fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to thirsty skin cells in need of some TLC.

If dull-looking skin and dark under-eye circles are a concern, kale could offer a helping hand.

Try it: Kale is best enjoyed raw for maximum nutritional pay-off. To take the edge off the tough leaves, scrunch and marinate them in a delicious mixture of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic. Never skimp on the olive oil – this healthy (and very gut-health-friendly) fat will aid the absorption of kale’s largely fat-soluble nutrients.

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