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How to make a homemade lavender body scrub

Lavender is one of the most popular ingredients for use in beauty, and we love it here in our lavender body scrub. Known for its distinctive and heavenly scent, it also has a long history as a medicinal herb.

The name lavender comes from the Latin verb “lavare”, which means to wash. It’s thought the Greeks and the Romans liked to add it to their bath water, not only for its divine fragrance but probably for its soothing and calming properties too. Modern science proves they were on to something as there have been a number of clinical studies that have shown lavender can help to promote relaxation and sleep. Sleeping well helps speed up the process of skin cell production and renewal, plus the sleep hormone melatonin increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes to help protect against free radical damage.

One of our favourite ways to make use of dried lavender is to make up a soothing lavender body scrub. This is really good for the warmer months. Lavender is coming into season and it’s also a time where we want our arms and legs looking soft and nourished. This lavender scrub is also the perfect exfoliator to use before fake tan.

How to make a homemade lavender body scrub


  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 6 tbsp melted coconut oil (or light olive oil)
  • 6 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 tbsp dried lavender flowers


  1. Simply add the drops of essential oil into your carrier oil, mix in the sugar, then gently sprinkle in the lavender flowers for some extra fragrance. Stored in a kilner jar in a cool place, this will keep for a month.
  2. Rub gently onto your skin paying extra attention to any areas of dry or bumpy skin like elbows and knees. Rinse off in the bath or shower, but do take care as the oil may make surfaces more slippery.

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