6 skincare experts reveal their must-use ingredients for menopausal skin

As with other menopause symptoms, changes to the skin occur due to dramatic shifts in oestrogen levels.

The pill, HRT and medical gaslighting, with Kate Muir

Kate Muir joins Liz on this podcast to share what the contraceptive pill is really doing to our health - from our mood to our sex drive.

Why mobility is vital in midlife for strength and fitness

Mobility training is a significantly overlooked area of strength and fitness – but it’s what will keep us spry in our later years.

I’m a skincare specialist – these are my top tips for managing rosacea

Dr Lubna Khan-Salim shares her advice for managing rosacea through midlife and beyond.

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Dark chocolate and cardamom mousse recipe

A chocolate mousse recipe is a handy addition to any kitchen, especially when you're in need of a sweet treat. After all, who can resist a delicious and fluffy chocolate mousse?