Are weight loss drugs too good to be true? – with Johann Hari

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains bad language and frank chat about suicide, sexual assault, and eating disorders, so please take care while listening.

Can a ‘magic pill’ can fix the obesity epidemic – or are we creating even more problems? Author Johann Hari joins Liz on this podcast to discuss the benefits – and 12 potential risks – of new weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic.

Inside this episode, Johann reveals his motivations to use weight loss drugs personally, plus talks through shocking statistics on the realities of being overweight on our health.

He also shares some of the positive effects that may come with these anti-obesity drugs beyond fat loss, along with the risks – including malnutrition and eating disorders.

Meanwhile, Liz questions the true cost to our health here and whether we’re opening a Pandora’s box of unknown adverse effects when considering these drugs.

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