Love your lymph with Naomi Northern-Ellis

Liz takes a deep dive into an unbelievably important yet often overlooked part of our body – the lymphatic system. To reveal more of its mysteries, she’s joined by Naomi Northern-Ellis. In 2008, Naomi was diagnosed with primary lymphedema and, determined to know as much as she could about the condition, she discovered something called pneumatic compression therapy. She was so impressed by the success of these lymphatic drainage treatments that she decided to import them back into the UK founding Body Ballancer. In this episode, Liz and Naomi discuss the signs and symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system as well as some really quick and simple ways we can give our bodies a helping hand here.

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Inside the episode:

  • Naomi describes the main functions of the lymphatic system.
  • Liz and Naomi discuss the difference between the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • Naomi shares how our sedentary lifestyle is limiting lymph flow.
  • Liz and Naomi discuss the benefits of body brushing.
  • Naomi stresses the importance of lightness of touch when it comes to lymphatic massage.
  • Naomi shares her experience of having lymphedema.
  • Liz and Naomi discuss the role of compression garments.
  • Naomi explains why our legs swell during a flight.
  • Naomi walks us through the benefits of the Body Ballancer machine.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Liz in the Body Ballancer machine