Wine 101 with Matthew Jukes

Do you know what wine you’ll be serving with your Christmas lunch? Liz invited renowned wine writer Matthew Jukes onto the podcast to hear his top picks (one is just £5.99!). Listen in as he dives into the details of wine production, reveals how climate change is affecting Champagne and spills the beans on what to serve if you’re after a non-alcoholic alternative.

Stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify:

In this week’s episode:

  • How did Matthew find himself in the world of wine?
  • Are there cheaper alternatives to a delicious Burgundy?
  • Is wine good for you?
  • What is natural wine?
  • How is wine made?
  • Why do wines from different climates taste different?
  • How is climate change affecting Champagne?
  • What are sulphates?
  • Why are we seeing less cork-sealed wine?
  • What are biodynamic wines?
  • Is wine vegan?
  • Why did Matthew choose to go into non-alcoholic drink-making?

Resources (and wines!) mentioned in the episode:

The two ‘natural’ wines that Matthew and Liz tasted are:

  • 2018 Laissez Faire Riesling by Larry Cherubino, Frankland River, Western Australia (18.35, www.exelwines.co.uk).
  • 2017 Laissez Faire Syrah by Larry Cherubino, Great Southern, Western Australia (£18.65, www.winepoole.co.uk).

Matthew recommends these bargain Christmas picks:

  • 2018 Terre di Vita, Organic Pinot Grigio, Sicily, Italy (£7.99, Waitrose).  (vegan / organic)
  • 2018 Domaine Mas Barrau, Cabernet Franc, Gard, France (£9.00, Booths Supermarkets).  (vegan / organic)

+ two English sparklers that we ought to be championing this Christmas:

  • NV Hattingley Valley, Reserve, England (£29.00, Tesco). 
  • NV Tesco finest* English Sparkling (£19.00, Tesco).