Lasers for skin with Debbie Thomas

This week Liz is taking a deep dive into lasers – the cutting edge skin treatment that’s softening scarring, healing rosacea, removing pigmentation and warding off general skin ageing. She’s joined by Debbie Thomas, an experienced and highly trusted specialist in advanced skincare who has been at the forefront of laser technology for over twenty years. Tune in as they reveal the secrets of this hi-tech, almost space-age skincare…

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Debbie describes how she became interested in laser technology
  • Debbie explains how lasers work
  • How do new lasers differ from their old-fashioned counterparts?
  • Debbie explains how she combines multiple lasers to get the best results for her clients
  • Liz and Debbie chat about removing age spots on the backs of hands and chest
  • Can lasers remove scarring or stretch marks?
  • Debbie explains how lasers can help treat rosacea and acne
  • Do at-home laser devices work?

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