Get strong in midlife with Amanda Thebe

This week, our guest has come all the way from Texas! Amanda Thebe is a personal trainer and nutrition coach with over twenty years industry experience. Partly inspired by her own experience which she has described as ‘menopause hell,’ Amanda is on a mission to help women feel healthier, fitter and more unstoppable in their second half of life than they did in their first. The secret, she says, is lifting heavy weights often.  Tune in for an inspiring and motivating deep dive into the benefits of strength training with plenty of tips for absolute beginners.

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Topics discussed in the episode:

  • Amanda shares how she became a personal trainer
  • She describes how she struggled to take her clients’ menopausal symptoms seriously before experiencing the ‘menapocalypse’ herself
  • Amanda explains why she was initially reluctant to take HRT and what changed her mind
  • She talks about the state of menopause care in the US in comparison to the UK
  • Liz and Amanda discuss how our hormones can affect our motivation to exercise
  • Amanda details what the evidence says about the benefits of strength training during later life
  • Will strength training make us bulky?
  • Liz and Amanda chat about how the stereotype of a 50 year old woman is changing
  • Is it ever too late to build muscle mass?
  • Amanda describes why women are stronger than they think
  • Amanda shares her tips for beginners
  • Amanda explains the benefits of resistance bands
  • Why is building muscle mass so important?
  • Can strength training help with hot flushes?
  • Amanda explains why eating more protein can help to slim down in mid-life
  • Amanda shares the benefits of branch chain amino acids
  • Liz and Amanda discuss the place for sweet treats in our diets

Where to find Amanda: