Obesity and genetics with Dr. Giles Yeo

Are our genes to blame when our jeans don’t fit? In this week’s podcast, Liz is joined by geneticist and BBC presenter, Dr. Giles Yeo, to debunk weight-loss myths, disprove fad diets and discuss how genes influence our eating habits.

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Inside the episode:

  • Dr Giles describes how he first became interested in genetics
  • Dr Giles explains the role of genetics in influencing body shape and size
  • Liz and Dr Giles discuss the extent to which body shape and size can be changed
  • Liz asks Dr Giles about the main causes of obesity
  • Dr Giles explains the societal changes that have lead to an increase in obesity
  • Liz and Dr Giles discuss calorie counting 
  • Dr Giles explains the importance of fibre and protein in the diet
  • Liz and Dr Giles talk through the health complications associated with sugary drinks
  • Dr Giles debunks the alkaline diet
  • Dr Giles talks through the results of his month eating a vegan diet
  • Liz asks Dr Giles about personalising diets based on genetics

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