Breast health with Professor Michael Baum

This is the second part of two episodes we’ve recorded with renowned breast cancer surgeon, Professor Michael Baum. In the first episode we took a deep dive into breast cancer (its causes, types and treatments) and in this second segment Liz and Michael discuss breast health more widely including the surprising reality of breast cancer screening and ways to improve the quality of life, health and vitality of all mid-life women. 

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Inside the episode:

  • Michael explains that there is no link between certain breast health issues and developing breast cancer
  • Liz and Michael talk through the issues with breast self-examination
  • Michael describes symptoms and treatments for complications such as cysts and breast pain
  • Michael and Liz discuss the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Michael debunks the association between hormones and breast cancer 
  • Michael describes the impact of breast cancer screenings
  • Liz and Michael discuss alternative and complementary medicines

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