Understanding breast cancer with Professor Michael Baum

Liz is joined by renowned breast cancer surgeon Professor Michael Baum. Michael has studied his specialist subject, breast cancer, for the past 50 years, and there can be few in the world who know as much on this as he. In this first part of two episodes, we’ll be taking a closer look at breast cancer, how it develops and how to treat it.

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Inside the episode:

  • Michael shares how he first became interested in breast cancer.
  • Michael explains that breast cancer is far from a new phenomenon.
  • Liz and Michael discuss whether men can develop breast cancer.
  • Michael explains what the statistics say about whether breast cancer is on the rise.
  • Liz and Michael talk through the main breast cancer risk factors.
  • Liz and Michael discuss how to interpret headlines about breast cancer risk.
  • Michael explains the different types of breast cancer.
  • Michael describes how breast cancer treatment has evolved over the years.
  • Michael emphasises the importance of taking part in clinical trials.
  • Liz and Michael discuss immunotherapy.
  • Liz asks for Michael’s take on a number of breast cancer scare stories.

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