Period poverty with Amy Peake

Liz is joined Amy Peake, the founder of the not-for-profit charitable organisation, Loving Humanity. Loving Humanity came into being when Amy was moved by images of Syrian refugees living in impoverished conditions. She wondered how women were able to provide for themselves and their children, and how they were managing their periods in the camps. In this Boxing Day Special, listen in to hear about how Loving Humanity are making a difference and what we can do to get involved.

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Inside the episode:

  • Amy describes her life before founding Loving Humanity and tells Liz the remarkable coincidences that led her to start her charitable organisation.
  • Amy describes her first visit to Jordan.
  • What is life like for women in refugee camps?
  • Amy shares her experience of visiting Mr. Meruga and his sanitary pad making machines in India.
  • Amy and Liz talk about what it’s like women going through menstruation during a refugee crisis.
  • Amy explains some of the difficulties she has faced delivering sanitary products to the camps.
  • Amy explains why incontinence is such a pressing issue in the camps.
  • Amy shares her plans for the future.
  • What is the Syrian Refugee camp like now?

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