Hair-loss and styling ageing locks with Denise McAdam

The ‘Queen of hair’, Denise McAdam has had a remarkable career working with clients such as Cindy Crawford, Yasmin Le Bon and Naomi Campbell. From sulphate-free shampoo to hair-loss, listen in for the low down on looking after ageing locks.

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Inside the episode:

  • Liz and Denise discuss why having fabulous hair is so important.
  • Denise shares how her career began.
  • Denise explains how scalp health can point towards other health conditions.
  • Denise recalls the invention of the hairdryer and how it revolutionised salon practice.
  • Denise shares her memories of working with Grace Kelly.
  • Liz and Denise discuss the role of the cuticle.
  • Denise walks us through best practice for shampooing and conditioning hair.
  • Liz and Denise discuss sulphate-free shampoos.
  • Denise explains how to protect hair when heat-styling.
  • Liz and Denise discuss hair-loss.

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