F*** You Cancer with Deborah James

In 2016, aged just 35, Deborah was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. Since then, she has poured her efforts into raising awareness about the symptoms of the disease and what it’s like to live with cancer. From cutting-edge cyberknife treatments to running half marathons, listen in as Liz and Deborah discuss what it’s really like to live with the Big C.

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Inside the episode:

  • Deborah talks about life before diagnosis.
  • Deborah explains why an early diagnosis is so important and what symptoms to look out for.
  • Liz and Deborah discuss the importance of listening to your body.
  • What do the ‘stages’ of cancer mean?
  • Deborah explains why bowel cancer can often spread to the lungs.
  • Deborah shares her experience of the new cyberknife treatments.
  • Deborah and Liz chat about life in-between treatments – including Deborah running a half marathon!
  • Why is exercise beneficial for cancer patients?
  • Deborah shares how acupuncture helped to treat her neuropathy.
  • Deborah explains how damaging the idea of ‘fighting’ cancer can be and what approach she has chosen to take instead.

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