Coping with change with Julia Samuel MBE

Psychotherapist Julia Samuel MBE joins Liz to share her thoughts on coping with change. She explains how big life events can impact us and what we can do during these times.

This podcast was recorded before Coronavirus arrived in the UK, but Julia’s advice around coping with situations that we have no control over, from menopause to relationship breakdowns, are now even more relevant.

She also explains the importance of supporting friends and loved ones through life’s challenges.

Please note that this episode includes strong language.

Stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify.

Inside this week’s episode:

  • Julia’s career in therapy, including within the NHS
  • What are living losses?
  • How to cope with big changes in life
  • The importance of understanding generational differences
  • Why we need boundaries
  • Techniques for feeling calm
  • How family patterns can explain your behaviour
  • Supporting others through a loss or change
  • Why social media impacts our confidence

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