Beat brain fog with Dr Sabina Brennan

Liz meets Dr Sabina Brennan to discuss brain fog. This is a curiously common collection of symptoms that give rise to a loss of mental clarity, foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating and issues with memory. Yet, when you search ‘brain fog’ on the NHS website, you will draw a complete blank.

Here to tell us more about this condition and how to treat it is Dr Sabina Brennan. Sabina is a chartered health psychologist, neuroscientist and author of the international bestseller 100 Days to a Younger Brain.

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Inside the episode

  • The difference between brain health and mental health
  • Symptoms of brain fog
  • What causes brain fog?
  • Viruses and brain fog
  • Estrogen and the brain
  • Tips for brain health
  • The importance of sleep
  • Influence of the gut
  • The best foods to eat

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