IBS and digestion with Laura Tilt

With a staggering 1 in 7 of us affected by IBS, Liz invited dietician and health writer, Laura Tilt, on the podcast to solve our digestive woes. Covering fibre, FODMAPs and fermented foods, it’s a truly enlightening listen — don’t miss!

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Stitcher:


Inside the episode:

  • Laura explains why she decided to specialise in IBS.
  • What are the symptoms of IBS?
  • Laura explains the characteristics of healthy poos!
  • How is IBS diagnosed?
  • How have IBS treatments evolved?
  • What causes IBS?
  • Can probiotics help IBS?
  • Laura explains the gut/brain connection.
  • How does chronic stress contribute to IBS?
  • Why is fibre important for digestion?
  • How can we add more fibre to our diet?
  • What does bloating say about our digestion?
  • What is a FODMAP diet?
  • Should someone with IBS eat fermented foods?

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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Enrol in Laura’s IBS course –  the Happy Gut Guide. 

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