What chronic illness taught me, with Lily Earle

Content warning – this episode contains discussion of pregnancy loss.

How do you keep hope alive in hard times? Lily Earle, Liz’s eldest daughter, joins Liz on this podcast for Mother’s Day to share what helped on her journey through chronic pain to better health.

Lily talks to Liz about her years of health struggles, and the realities of living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, chronic migraine, cluster headaches, MCAS, and seronegative inflammatory arthritis.

Lily shares her pain of pregnancy loss, how some medications added to her health struggles, plus how sorrow and joy can co-exist.

They also covered how medicinal cannabis, The Lightning Process, fasting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be beneficial for those struggling with chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.

And the episode ends with some very exciting news for the whole family!

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