Menopause, pregnancy and incontinence with Elaine Miller

Do you ever find your incontinence a source of embarrassment? Or are you looking for ways to ward it off as you grow older or have children? Liz sat down with physiotherapist turned stand-up comedian Elaine Miller, head of the fringe show Gusset Grippers. Tune in to hear how you can help your pelvic floor recover from pregnancy and get advice on looking after your vagina during the menopause.

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In this week’s episode:

  • What is a pelvic floor, and how does it work?
  • How does a change in oestrogen levels affect our pelvic floor?
  • What exercises can we do to help?
  • Where do we turn when these don’t work?
  • What are the issues surrounding vaginal mesh surgery?
  • Can vaginal oestrogen help menopausal vaginas?
  • Can stop getting so many UTIs?
  • How are incontinence and falls amongst the elderly linked?
  • Are there sustainable products to help with leaking?
  • What does a clitoris actually look like?
  • Why do we need better sex education for women (and men!)?
  • What are the solutions to embarrassment surrounding these issues?

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