How menopause and ageing affect the vagina, with Dr Shirin Lakhani

Have you experienced any vaginal or vulval changes as a result of the menopause?

On this episode of The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show, Liz is joined by former GP and now aesthetic physician, Dr Shirin Lakhani, to learn more about how the menopause and ageing affect the vagina and pelvic floor.

Shirin covers physical symptoms related to discomfort, incontinence and sexual dysfunction often caused by changing hormone levels, and why recurrent UTIs (urinary tract infections) can be more common later in life.

Liz and Shirin also discuss vaginal atrophy, lichen sclerosus and other genital conditions, and the novel treatments that can help, including localised oestrogen. Shirin also shares her dos and don’ts for optimum vaginal health.

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