Healthy, happy kids with Lucinda Miller

Liz is joined by Lucinda Miller, a naturopath specialising in functional medicine. From five-veg shepherds pie to brain-boosting pancakes, she shares simple ways to keep our kids healthy and happy.

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Inside the episode:

  • Lucinda shares how her own health struggles inspired her to become a naturopath.
  • Liz and Lucinda discuss the benefits of functional medicine and evidence-based testing.
  • Lucinda explains how physical health affects the behaviour, mood and self-esteem of our children.
  • Liz and Lucinda chat about the problems of unhealthy school dinners.
  • Lucinda explains the link between mental health and inflammation.
  • Lucinda shares simple steps to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Liz and Lucinda discuss the hidden ingredients in processed foods.
  • Lucinda explains how she uses purees to squeeze more nutrients into meals.
  • Lucinda shares the hidden physical reason for fussy eating in children.

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