Feeling fab in our 50s with Gaby Roslin

Liz is joined by Gaby Roslin, a TV presenter and radio broadcaster who has headed up The Big Breakfast, Children in Need, The National Lottery and more. A true wellbeing warrior, Gaby also campaigns for a number of charities including Breakthrough Breast Cancer and WellChild and is vocal about the importance of eating well. From walking to kefir, listen in as she shares her top tips for feeling fab in our 50s and beyond.

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Inside the episode:

  • Gaby shares how her broadcasting career began.
  • Liz and Gaby share why they both feel kindness is so important. 
  • Liz and Gaby discuss the pros and cons of social media culture.
  • Gaby shares how family illness has affected her approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Is low-fat food really all that good for us?
  • Gaby and Liz reveal the hidden sugars in fast food.
  • Gaby shares her experiences of having a wheat allergy.
  • Liz and Gaby share their love of kefir.
  • Gaby shares the super simple way she keeps fit.
  • What are the health benefits of weight-bearing exercises?
  • Gaby shares her experience of blepharitis and a new treatment she is trying.

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