Eating after pregnancy with Dr Harriet Holme

Dr Harriet Holme, a registered nutritionist and former paediatric doctor, joins Liz to discuss the role nutrition plays in women’s health. Harriet explains how food can help to support us through fertility, pregnancy and beyond.

She discusses the best things to eat as a new mum, along with the nutrients needed during breastfeeding. Harriet also discusses which supplements are really worth taking and the role of gut health.

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Inside the episode

  • How Harriet became interested in nutrition
  • Nutrition and women’s health
  • Eating as a new mum
  • Nutrients needed for breastfeeding
  • Milk allergy in children
  • What is lactoferrin?
  • Are allergies on the rise?
  • The role of gut health
  • How to get omega fatty acids into our diet
  • Which supplements are worth taking?
  • The role of nutrigenomics

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