The surprising health benefits of taking the stairs

If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your routine, simply opting to take the stairs each day could help to improve your wellbeing.
The findings, published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, stated that adding sprint interval training ‘exercise snacks’ such as vigorous stair climbing could improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, helping lower heart disease risk and increase longevity. This means that almost anyone can improve their fitness, wherever they are, with no need for expensive workout equipment.
For six weeks, a group of sedentary participants vigorously climbed a three-flight stairwell, three times per day, three times a week. The results showed that the stair climbers were fitter and stronger than a control group which did not exercise, and they even generated more power during a maximal cycling test. We’ll be giving the lift a miss from now on.