The health and beauty benefits of saffron

The health benefits of saffron are numerous.

Clinical trials are increasingly suggesting that saffron might offer a number of therapeutic health and beauty benefits.

Whether it’s acting as an aphrodisiac or managing your moods, saffron may benefit you in several ways.

Saffron can manage mood

While wider trials are needed, promising placebo-controlled studies have shown that saffron (30mg, taken daily) is equally effective as fluoxetine and imipramine (common antidepressants) in the treatment of mild/moderate depression.

Saffron has also been associated with reduced symptoms of PMS.

While saffron stigma remain pricy, some research suggests that the much cheaper Crocus sativus petal may have the same mood-managing benefits.

Boost heart health

Saffron has also been shown to reduce inflammation in patients with coronary heart disease when consumed at a high dose (100mg, taken daily).

This is believed to be due to saffron’s high antioxidant content. Researchers have speculated that this may help to explain why incidences of cardiovascular disease in Spain – where saffron is consumed liberally – are relatively low.

Spice up your sex life

Want to enjoy a steamy evening? Consider swapping a glass of wine for a cup of saffron tea. While alcohol inhibits sexual function, saffron has been proven to boost performance in the bedroom.

Saffron as a natural toner

The Elizabethans steeped a little saffron in milk overnight and applied it to their faces, adding a few threads to their (occasional!) baths to work as a natural toner.

Add a few threads of saffron to pure honey for a luxurious facemask that helps make skin brighter, smoother and more radiant.

An easy way to supplement saffron

Saffrosun has harnessed all the health and beauty benefits of saffron into one easy-to-take supplement.

This natural supplement contains components that have been proven to improve psychological balance, tiredness and promote sleep.

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