Liz’s expert e-guide on food allergies and intolerances

food-allergies Liz Earle WellbeingFood allergies are at the source of many ailments – from problematic skin to painful abdominal cramping – but luckily, many of these can be resolved by altering our longstanding eating habits. The aim of this e-guide is to explain why your body may be responding badly to certain foods, with the hope of allowing you to discover which foods to avoid for a healthier, happier body and mind.
In the e-guide, Liz explains Liz takes you through commonplace symptoms and causes, while highlighting ways of testing for food allergens. Additionally, she gives information on how to safely, and successfully, follow a diet to suit your (and your family’s) allergies, whilst also providing alternatives to common dietary allergens. Different anti-allergy diets are broken down and explained, from exclusion diets to rotation diets, plus you can find out about some of the dangers of food additives and how they may be affecting your child’s behaviour.
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