Vaginal dryness with Dr Rebecca Lewis

We may feel comfortable sharing our experiences of insomnia and hot flushes during the menopause, but talking about vaginal dryness is often more difficult. Liz is joined by GP and menopause doctor, Dr Rebecca Lewis to take a closer look at this common symptom and explain why women needn’t suffer in silence.

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Inside the episode

  • What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness?
  • Dr. Lewis explains how declining oestrogen affects the vagina.
  • Liz and Rebecca discuss the treatments that are available to those suffering with vaginal dryness.
  • What is the difference between vaginal moisturisers and lubricants?
  • Can lasers be useful?
  • Will vaginal atrophy go away if left untreated?
  • How does oestrogen impact our overall health? Should women be weaned off HRT?

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