A Better Second Half additional content

In her new book, A Better Second Half, Liz Earle shows us how to future-proof our health in midlife and beyond using evidence-based techniques, ideas and wisdom accumulated over her years of experience in the wellbeing arena.

Here, you’ll find additional content included in the book to support your reading.

A Better Second Half additional content

Masala chai tea recipe

This homemade masala chai is perfect if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine gradually as part of healthier lifestyle, or simply as a hot drink alternative to keep in your cupboard and enjoy as a warming, aromatic brew.

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Liz’s morning routine

Liz shares a sneak peek of her morning routine that she practices each day to build healthy habits. Plus, find out what happened when writer, Stacey Carter, tried Liz’s routine for a week.

Advice for menopause

From anxiety and brain fog, to low libido and hot flushes, we have a wealth of free information at Liz Earle Wellbeing.

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How to make kimchi

This fermented dish is native to Korea. It’s made of fermented cabbage and sometimes radishes, as well as garlic, salt, vinegar, chilli peppers and spices. It makes a pretty potent side dish or salsa.

Find out how to make kimchi at home

How to make kombucha

Brewed from fermented green or black tea, this gut-friendly probiotic drink can support our gut health. Wondering how to make your own kombucha at home? Look no further than this easy how-to with Liz Earle.

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Liz’s 10-minute guide to midlife fitness


These can either be static lunges on the spot or a walking lunge. The aim is to step forward on alternate legs, lowering the front knee to create a 45-degree angle before standing up again and repeating on the other side. You can hold weights as you get stronger.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees over your middle toes. Lower your backside by hinging at the hips and bending the knees, keeping them over your middle toes and heels on the ground. Keep your head and chest upright, eyes looking forward. Repeat!


If you’re new to press-ups and unsure about how to start, begin with a simple standing version with hands fl at against a wall and push yourself forward and back. You can then move to doing press-ups on your knees, remembering to keep your navel pulled in towards the spine. As you get stronger, you can move on to full-body press-ups, balancing on your toes, heels pushed back and body perpendicular to the floor.

Tricep dips

This is another excellent resistance exercise using your own body weight to strengthen and tone the shoulders, triceps, upper back and chest. You’ll need a bench or sturdy chair to grip hold of behind you as you lower your bottom to the fl oor and back up again. Stretch one foot out in front of you for even more of a workout and to improve balance.


Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet firmly planted away from your backside. Support your head with your hands, with elbows pointing outwards and pull your navel in towards your spine. Lift your head, neck and shoulders away from the floor, taking care not to pull on your neck. Slowly lower and repeat.

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