The pill, HRT and medical gaslighting, with Kate Muir

Kate Muir joins Liz on this podcast to share what the contraceptive pill is really doing to our health - from our mood to our sex drive.

Can food help you fight cancer? – with Sheila Dillon

Food journalist and BBC broadcaster Sheila Dillon joins Liz on this podcast to reveal why she wants food to feature more heavily in conversations about cancer.

Stop making the same mistakes, with Emma Reed Turrell

Therapist Emma Reed Turrell joins Liz on this episode to help you figure out how to stop repeating the same patterns of unhelpful behaviour and finally break the cycle.

Avoid the anti-ageing trap, with Dr Lubna Khan-Salim

Dr Lubna Khan-Salim joins Liz to share why beauty isn't about being wrinkle-free, but more about retaining our strength, vitality and suppleness.

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