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Expert makeup tips and techniques for hooded eyelids

Hooded eyelids can sometimes make applying eye makeup difficult and are the result of excess skin folding down from the brow line, making the eye look smaller by covering the lid. Hooded lids can be pretty common with age, but genetics can play a role, too.

Luckily, there are plenty of things we can do to make hooded eyes pop.

Here, we chat to top makeup artist Mira Parmar who shares her favourite products and reveals some simple makeup techniques to try at home.

Why can makeup for hooded eyes be difficult?

As Mira explains, there are a number of factors that can contribute to hooded eyelids.

“Hooded eyes can be hereditary, but our eyelids also tend to droop as we get older and we lose elasticity and collagen from the skin,” she says.

Because of this, it can be tricky to stop your makeup from smudging and transferring, especially when it comes to applying eyeliner and mascara.

How to apply makeup to hooded eyelids

Choosing the right products is key when it comes to finding the best makeup for hooded eyelids. And, before you add any eyeshadow, Mira always recommends prepping the lid with a good primer.

“My favourite is from NARS and this will keep any products you apply firmly in place,” she explains.

Find the perfect shade

Next up, add a pop of colour with some shadow.

“When it comes to eyeshadow, stick with matte shades as these will ensure maximum staying power,” says Mira. “Shimmery shades will emphasise the hood, so are best avoided.

“When it comes to application, do so with your eyes open, not closed, so you can see the shape you’re creating. Apply a lighter shade over the lid and a slightly darker one just above the eye socket to create the illusion of a larger lid.”

Blend your shadows with a fluffy brush, such as MYKITCO’s My Sheer Blender, to create a soft look without any harsh lines. After this, Mira likes to use a pencil or brown/black shadow along the lash line to create a smoky effect.

Add definition

Using an eyeliner helps to define eyes, but application can often be tricky with hooded eyelids. Have no fear, however, as Mira has a foolproof method.

“It’s important to keep your eyes open,” she says. “Always look forward into a mirror and you’ll see exactly where the makeup will go. Start by drawing a small half-wing upwards from the outer corner of your eye.

“Then, instead of drawing a line along the lashes, tightline the eye instead. This means applying the eyeliner (my favourite is from Urban Decay) into the waterline just underneath your top lashes. This creates a wide-eyed look without closing the eyes or making them look smaller than they are.

“Finish with a coat of mascara and be sure to wait a moment or two to let it dry and avoid any smudging onto the eyelid. Opting for a tubing or waterproof mascara, such as Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara, will also prevent any smudge or extra clean up.”

And there you have it! A simple eye makeup routine for hooded lids.

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