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5 ways to look after curly hair

Finding ways to look after curly hair can help you embrace the versatility of your locks. With more curl-taming products entering the market every day, there are plenty of ways you can restore some life back to your hair. Perfect if you’re struggling with frizzy ends and listless curls!

From knowing your hair curl type to investing in good-quality haircare products, discovering how to look after curly hair means tailoring your routine to suit your hair type. Read on to discover how to bring on the good hair days.

5 ways to care for curly hair

Learn your curl type

From coils to kinky, there are a range of different curl types out there and knowing yours can help you find the right products.

The four different types of curls in the curl system are as follows:

  • Type 1 (straight)
  • Type 2 (wavy)
  • Type 3 (curly)
  • Type 4 (kinky and coily)

If you have type 3 or 4 curly hair, then you’ll benefit from products with lots of added moisture as well as serums and nourishing hair oils, such as argan and rosemary. We love Living Proof Curl Moisture Boost Serum, £31, a weightless, five-oil blend that works to create a healthier-looking sheen across your strands. It helps to combat unwanted frizz while locking in shine.

Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner

Nailing the basics is key when it comes to hair care. If you want healthy, strong locks, there’s no better investment than a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Look for shampoos that are sulfate-free and silicone-free. These ingredients can weigh your curls down and strip your hair of its natural oils.

We love Only Curls Cleansing Bundle, £30. This sulfate and silicone-free cleansing and conditioning duo with a citrus and coconut fragrance will make your hair smell delicious.

Look for curl-specific tools

Curly hair has been having more airtime lately. This means that there has been an influx of curl-taming tools entering the market. Using tools such as diffusers can help you lock in defined curls, without having to resort to mousse or setting products that can make your hair feel crunchy and damage your locks.

Try the Revolutionary Hair Dryer by Hail Your Hair. This efficient dryer features a diffuser attachment to disperse air evenly through the hair without disrupting curls and minimising heat damange. The perfect solution for a frizz-free blowout.

Protect your curls from the sun

Heat damage doesn’t just come from your tools. UV rays can have a real impact on your hair, especially curly hair, which can already be prone to frizz and dryness.

“During the warmer and sunnier months, it is important to use light leave-in products containing an SPF,” says London-based celebrity hair styling Halley Brisker, who has worked with works with A-listers such as Margot Robbie, Emma Watson, Lily James, and Karlie Kloss. “SPF doesn’t have to begin and end with the skin. A good leave-in SPF product ensures you protect your hair against the damage that can be done with heavy UV exposure.”

Try Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, £24.50, a lightweight, water-resistant UV defence mist that helps to protect hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours. Using it regularly can minimise colour fading, damage and dryness.

Use hair masks

Hair masks are key for restoring moisture to your locks. For those with curly hair, they can also help to strengthen, hydrate, and fight frizz.

Try Living Proof No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask, £33. This intense conditioning hair mask is designed to tame and replenish disobedient locks without adding extra weight to your hair. Just simply work through your hair after conditioning, leave for five minutes and then wash out.

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