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Beat cellulite in 8 easy steps

Nearly every woman has it – and some men, too. Yet there are still so many myths surrounding cellulite, and how to get rid of it. We share what you need to know about this common skin condition, and round-up some of the treatments that may help in time for summer.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite affects 90 per cent of women and ten per cent of men. But it’s not just ‘normal’ fat – it’s fat pushing against the fibrous tissues of collagen and elastin which connect skin to muscle. One cause pinpointed by experts is decreased circulation, leading to less oxygen and nutrients delivered to the affected areas, weakening the connective tissue.

How can I reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Regular exercise can help reduce cellulite’s appearance by getting the heart pumping. Massage also boosts circulation, by reducing fluid build-up (a significant contributor to cellulite) and helps break down the fat. Massage treatments using machines are available in salons. One you may have heard of is Endermelogie, which uses a hand-held device. Usually, a programme of at least six sessions is recommended, with results lasting a few months (sessions cost around £40 per treatment some salons offer a discount on a bulk booking).

If you’re prepared to put in the effort at home, daily dry skin body brushing and DIY massage using a cellulite-specific product can help. Such products often contain ingredients aimed at encouraging the breakdown of fat, such as caffeine or theophylline. They may also contain seaweed, herbs and spices. The key is maintaining treatment as part of your everyday routine.

Our favourite products to beat cellulite

e’lifexir Bodylift Anti-cellulite & Lifting Cream

A natural product which promises to target early and stubborn cellulite. Its active ingredients include hydrolysed sundew leaf to smooth the skin, and black elder extract to improve circulation and encourage fluid reduction. Twice-daily use is advised, so you need to be dedicated, but it absorbs almost instantly.

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Legology Cellu-lite Salon Secret for Legs

From dedicated leg-care brand, Legology, an aromatherapy blend of drainage-stimulating and uplifting oils. Key ingredients are diuretic juniper, rosemary, pine needle and grapefruit to target fluid retention. Lovely for massage or with a few drops on to your body brush.

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Khadi 10 Herbs Cellulite Oil

This oil is based on a traditional Ayurvedic formulation. The blend – containing rosemary, lemon, orange and patchouli, among other essential oils – aims to help reduce cellulite a nd tighten skin by  boosting circulation and activating the lymphatic system (to dispel water retention).

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 Beat cellulite in 8 easy steps

  1. Body brush daily – focusing on hips and thighs. Read our easy method for body brushing.
  2. Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a time (to avoid circulation stagnation).
  3. Walk briskly for a minimum of 20 minutes a day.
  4. Incorporate a minimum of five minutes of stair-climbing into your day.
  5. Squats, lunges and leg lifts can all help to tone the affected area.
  6. Finish each shower with an icy blast of cold water against the buttocks and thighs to boost lymphatics and improve circulation.
  7. Avoid refined sugars, and limit caffeine and alcohol.
  8. Drink one-and-a-half to two litres of pure water each day.

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