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How to shape your eyebrows

Wondering how to shape your eyebrows? Many of us have embraced the power of our brows to help define our faces and frame our eyes at one time or another to varying degrees of success!

As we age, our eyebrows can get paler and thinner, so today’s fuller, more natural look is an all-round winner. It’s quick and easy to achieve, helping us appear more youthful. Here, celebrity make-up artist Kerry September shows us how to get the look in three simple steps.

How to shape your eyebrows

  1. First, working from the inside end of each brow, use an eyebrow comb to brush and sweep the hairs up towards your hairline. The Body Shop’s eyebrow brush helps tame unruly hairs.
  2. Using an eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow colour, fill in any gaps in your brows. Keep them looking natural by not straying outside the brow area, and by making short strokes with the pencil in the same direction as the surrounding hairs’ growth.
  3. Then, take a spoolie brush (which looks like a mascara wand) and spray it lightly with hairspray. Use this to comb your brows up again. When the hairspray dries, it will help set the brows in place. The brushing will also help blend the pencil strokes, giving a more natural finish.

To create this look to suit Lily’s colouring, we used:
EyebrowsDelilah Cosmetics Brow Line in Ash
CheeksDaniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush
HairGHD Curl Hold Spray

Liz shows you how to shape your eyebrows

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