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How to make an elderberry skin toner

Elderberries are bursting with skin-friendly nutrients and are the perfect candidate for a smoothing skin toner. Toners help to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, prepping your face ahead of using a moisturiser or serum.

These small but mighty berries are a powerhouse of nutrients. They contain vitamin A, a vital vitamin that may help to prevent ageing and fade pigmentation.

The berries and flowers are also packed with antioxidant activity, which wards off environmental damage and brings a glow to the skin.

All of this makes them an ideal ingredient for a beauty DIY. The great news is that this complexion-enhancing toner couldn’t be simpler to make. Follow our instructions below and tone your way to brighter, smoother skin.

Make your skin-smoothing toner


  1. Simmer 100g of dried elderberries (left over from the spring/summer harvest or bought from your local health food store) in 500ml of water for an hour.
  2. Leave to cool.
  3. Strain through a muslin cloth and decant into a spritz bottle. Any excess can be frozen for later use.

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Wellbeing Wisdom

Elderberries are reputed to help stave off flu, coughs and colds, and reduce their duration. Whether this is due to their high vitamin C content or other plant chemicals, such as anthocyanins, is unclear. One study found that concentrated elderberry extract reduced the length and severity of cold-like symptoms following a long-haul flight.