Beauty DIY

Dry body brushing – as seen on This Morning

Looking to treat your skin with some dry body brushing?

Liz is a long-time fan of this simple and effective technique for whisking away dead skin cells to instantly brighten the body. It also helps to speed up the micro-circulation and support our lymphatic system too. All you need is a natural bristle brush, such as this sisal option.

How to do dry body brushing

Start before your bath or shower (first thing in the morning is ideal to help ‘wake up’ the system!). Begin by brushing the soles of your feet, as this also stimulates the myriad of reflex zones located there. Use gentle, but firm strokes, working in slow rhythmic sweeps up the body, always working in the direction towards the heart. Concentrate on hips and thighs to help reduce the appearance of cellulite too.

Work gently across the abdomen and avoid the breasts and any areas of inflamed or damaged skin, for example cuts, grazes, burns or skin conditions such as eczema. Don’t forget to include the arms (especially the backs of the arms which are prone to skin pimpleing), and also the back. A long-handled brush, such as this one is especially good for those who love a good back brush too.

Repeat for just a minute or two daily to see real results – brighter, smoother, more glowing skin – plus enhanced circulation and feeling of wellbeing. A simple, easy and inexpensive wellbeing body treat.