Vitamins and Minerals (Wellbeing Quick Guide)


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The link between what we eat and our health is undeniable: not only can including the right nutrients in your diet improve your wellbeing, but it can also protect your body from many common diseases. Vitamins and minerals play a vital part in living a longer, healthier life – their roles ranging from aiding important chemical reactions in the body, to building up strong bones, and even keeping skin supple.

Discover Liz’s trusted information on how to tell what your body is lacking, the effects of different vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the best ways to safely attain your daily needs through diet and/or supplements. Additionally, Vitamins and Minerals provides specific information for those of us who have special nutritional requirements, with personalised guides for babies, children, teenagers, vegetarians and pregnant women. Ensure your whole family benefits from a better diet, and therefore better health and wellbeing with this easy-to-follow ebook.

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