Vegetarian Cookery (Wellbeing Quick Guides)


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With healthy and nutritious recipes for every occasion, Liz Earle explains how to create tasty, inventive vegetarian food.

The benefits of eating a vegetarian diet are now being celebrated more than ever before and it’s easy to see why. From improving your vitamin intake, and reducing the unnatural chemicals you consume to eating more seasonally, and protecting the environment, eating less meat is becoming more and more important.

From everyday meals to recipes for bigger occassions and celebrations, Liz Earle makes it easy to eat meat-free and ensure you’re getting all the nutrition you need. Whether you’re a committed vegetarian, flexitarian or just looking for some plant-based inspiration, this handy recipe book gives you simple yet nutritious and delicious ideas for your dining table.


– Quick Recipes
– Lavish Party Menus
– New and exciting ingredients
– The latest nutritional guidelines
– Where to find important nutrients