Successful Slimming (Wellbeing Quick Guide)


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The world of dieting has become increasingly inundated with fashionable and often scientifically unsound fad diets promoting dangerous (and ultimately detrimental), fast and furious approaches to weight loss. While these fads can be highly lucrative to those in the dieting industry, they simply do not work when it comes to successful long-term weight loss. In this ebook, you’ll find an unbiased assessment of different popular and contemporary diets, covering both the pros and cons of each plan, so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Liz also explains some of the common causes of weight gain to help you and your family avoid the dangers of the modern world’s ultra-processed, sugar-packed foods.

Of chief importance to successful slimming is re-educating yourself on healthy eating habits and switching to fresh, wholesome foods filled with all the essential nutrients your body requires. Liz provides an easy-to-follow guide on low carb options, how to curb your sweet tooth and how to watch what (and how much) you drink, together with tips on the importance of regular exercise for renewed energy and vitality. Her Successful Slimming golden rules unpick the myths of quick-fix slimming and deprivation diets, and provide a realistic, long-term perspective on weight loss as well as clear, concise information to help you on your way.

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