Menopause podcast episodes

Wellness with Liz Earle SquareLooking to find out more about the menopause? Try listening to these two podcast episodes below. They are a helpful introduction to the menopause and a useful listen for us all!

Episode 8: Menopause with Liz Earle

In this episode of the Wellness with Liz Earle podcast, Liz shares her experience of beginning the menopause, and specifically the peri-menopause, which tends to happen in our mid-to-late 40s, and talks us through how to best prepare to make this as good a time as possible.

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Episode 12: Menopause myth busting with Dr Louise Newson

Listen in as Liz busts common menopause myths with GP and menopause expert Dr Louise Newson and gives fresh new hope to many women suffering with menopausal symptoms. From the importance of keeping our nutrient levels topped up to the real risks and benefits of HRT, find out more by listening below, or subscribe to the podcast and download episodes on iTunes or Stitcher.


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