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Liz Loves: Supplements to support your wellbeing

It’s so important to look after our health and make sure we’re doing all we can to keep our immune system in good shape. Here, Liz shares some of the supplements she takes to help keep her fit, healthy and strong.

If taking a prescribed medication, you can ensure there is no interaction of supplements by checking online on the NHS website or with your GP. Body identical HRT is simply hormones and does not interact with supplements.

Liz’s supplement routine

Discover Liz’s supplement routine and read on to find exclusive discount codes for some of Liz’s favourite brands below

Liz takes Amino Slim by Strong Nutrients first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach. This is usually before high intensity exercise (even if only five minutes of squats and push-ups). Strong Nutrients’ founder, Zana Morris, also recommends taking Amino Slim before bed on an empty stomach (instead of the morning). You need to allow at least two hours after eating or drinking anything (water is fine). Liz also takes a separate small scoopful of Youth & Earth NMN.

After getting ready for the day, Liz takes 3-4 Ingenious Beauty Collagen capsules on an empty stomach. She may also add some  Neutrient Butterfat Keto to a cup of tea or coffee.
Before breakfast, Liz will sometimes take a small amount of Microbz Bio-Live Gold, alongside a glass of kefir. Mid-morning, Liz takes her main supplements for the day with a high-fat brunch or snack to help improve absorption. This might be Greek yoghurt with nuts and berries, avocado on buttered sourdough toast, a couple of scrambled eggs on some green veg, a protein-based smoothie or a handful of nuts. Liz likes the Casein Unsweetened Vanilla protein powder from Strong Nutrients – you can blend this in water, whole milk or a plant-based milk alternative such as almond or oat. Liz also makes drinks and shakes using the Mind supplement powder from Indi Supplements for both herself and her children.

Liz tends to cycle her supplements. For instance, she might be taking a month of Super Me by Life Armour or Saffrosun by Naked Pharmacy. However, her basic supplements will always include Omega-3 fish oils by Bare Biology, Optibac For Women, Better You Vitamin D3 spray with K2 and their multi B vitamin spray plus Liposomal Vitamin C from Youth & Earth, and iodine in the form of a seaweed capsule from Weed & Wonderful. Liz usually adds a teaspoonful of Strong Nutrients Creatine to her tea or coffee then too, which is fine to take with cold or warm (not hot) drinks, and often a sachet of Bimuno prebiotic too. And to protect her eye health Liz takes the MTHK eye supplements and spray.

During the winter months, Liz increases the focus on immune system support, with additional Olive Leaf extract from Naked Pharmacy, plus Quercetin and Zinc Ascorbate from Bio-Care. She will also cycle a month on/month off with Lactoferrin by Leapfrog. Quercetin is also especially useful during the summer months and Liz will take more of this for help with hay fever when the pollen count is high.

In the evenings, Liz takes Bio Care Magnesium at bedtime to help with sleep. She also takes Glutathione from Youth & Earth – especially after a glass or two of wine! Her last supplement of the day is Drops of Slumber from Life Armour, which she keeps on her bedside table for lights out…

Liz’s favourite supplement brands

10% off your first order at Altrient

Studies are increasingly showing that high doses of vitamin C are very effective in fighting off viruses. Recently, Liz has been taking Altrient’s liposomal vitamin C. This has been proven to provide higher rates of absorption than other forms.

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15% off at Bare Biology

Strong, pure Omega-3 fish oil supplements & type 1 marine collagen peptide powder. From 100% wild sustainable fish. Bare Biology have every single batch independently tested by IFOS. Your guarantee that all Bare Biology fish oils are powerful, fresh & completely free from heavy metals and other nasties.

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15% off at BetterYou

Better You creates supplements to support your wellbeing – from handy vitamin oral sprays to soothing skincare. Liz especially loves their Vitamin D spray 3000IUB12 spray, Magnesium Body Butter and Magnesium Bath Flakes.

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Enjoy up to 45% off subscriptions at Bimuno

Bimuno’s high in fibre prebiotic supplement has been clinically proven to naturally feed and stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Bimuno also supports the balance of your microbiome. The easy to take sachets fit into your daily weekend and can get to work after just 7 days.

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15% off at BioCare

With almost 30 years’ expertise in developing professional nutritional supplements, BioCare continue to provide the most effective and highest quality products, accompanied by the best level of support and service, to effectively meet the needs of each individual.

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15% off at Bubbl & Co.

Bubbl & Co. are an all natural effervescent supplement brand. They range covers immune support, aiding sleep, natural energising and improving focus – great for those who struggle with taking pills. They also work with charity:water so that with every tube sold a weeks worth of water is given to someone in need.

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15% off Indi supplements

Indi’s formulations include carefully selected nutrients lacking in typical Western diets – all delivered in effective doses, and they tell you what those doses are on the pack. The high quality plant-based ingredients are only ever in forms that the body can actually process, absorb and use.

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15% off Ingenious Beauty

Using multi-award winning technology that protects collagen making it 15 x more effective, Ingenious Beauty works in harmony with your body for visibly younger looking skin, every day.

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20% off Karmacist

Supplements harnessing breakthrough Nutrigenomics and ancient botanicals. Formulated by Harvard and Stanford Scientists.

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10% off Leapfrog Remedies

Leapfrog formula is a combination of natural lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin C – scientifically proven ingredients to help power you through the daily grind. If you’re stressed, not sleeping, run down or not eating properly, your body’s lactoferrin can be depleted. This is when Leapfrog springs into action.

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15% off at Life Armour

Life Armour is a brand that creates products from natural ingredients to promote your wellbeing. Liz especially loves the slumber dropsthe balance drops and the Super Me Capsules.

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10% off Microbz

Microbz make bio live cultures, also known as probiotics, for your health, home, garden and animals. All products are 100% natural and chemical free. Probiotics support beneficial microbes and restore that balance. Liz recommends the 90 day gut reboot.

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20% off Motion Nutrition

Motion Nutrition offers a range of nootropic supplements to help with sleep, caffeine free energy mental focus and more! Liz is a particular fan of their Unplug supplement to help you unwind and aid sleep.

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10% off MTHK

MTHK is an eye care brand created by the world’s leading eye surgeons and professors. As people increasingly use screens in their work and day to day life this can damage and strain our eyes. MTHK’s planet-friendly range includes vitamins and an eye spray to help protect and care for our eyes.

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20% off at The Naked Pharmacy

The Naked Pharmacy is a brand that offers natural remedies and supplements to support your wellbeing. Liz especially loves the Saffrosun with Marine minerals which can help improve sleep and energy levels, reduce fatigue and can restore and improve emotional balance. We also love the Natruflex Turmeric supplement with can help soothe joint and muscle discomfort, aid sports performance and recovery and can help protect the gut, and the Bergatone supplement which can help restore and improve cardiovascular health, help unhealthy fats pass through the gut and assist with metabolism and digestion.

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15% off Neutrient

Neutrient’s mission is to formulate a range of premium, highly effective, practitioner grade health supplements that deliver deeply therapeutic health benefits at affordable prices. Liz personally swears by Nutrient’s Butterfat Keto when intermittent fasting!

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12% off Strong Nutrients

Strong Nutrients uses 100% natural formulas designed for muscle recovery and strength, increased stamina and energy, and accelerated fat burning and body sculpting. Liz especially loves their Protein Powders, Creatine and Amino Slim.

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20% off at Weed & Wonderful

Weed & Wonderful’s Pure Organic Seaweed capsules offer a natural plant based source of essential iodine to help support thyroid health, metabolism, skin health and more!

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20% off Youth and Earth

Youth & Earth supplements are for those who want great health, energy & vitality. Cutting edge supplements to help you maintain a great quality of life as you grow older. Liz is especially a fan of their Liposomal Glutathione.

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Supplements that Liz loves to use

Vitamin C

Recently, Liz has been taking Altrient’s Liposomal Vitamin C. This has been proven to provide higher rates of absorption than other forms. Enjoy 10% off your first order at Abundance and Health with the code LIZLOVES.

Garlic Extract

A firm favourite of Liz’s during the winter months is garlic capsules. Several studies show that garlic has antibacterial activity. Liz particularly likes the ‘aged’ garlic extracts.


Magnesium helps to turn the food we eat into energy. It also helps to support the parathyroid glands, which produce the hormones important for bone health.

Herb extracts

Thyme extract is also a helpful herb for supporting the upper respiratory tract. Liz’s whole family enjoys a couple of spoonfuls of both elderberry syrup and thyme extract every morning as a bug-busting regime.

Another botanical worth adding into your daily regime is olive leaf extract. As well as supporting the immune system, studies suggest that olive leaf extract may be helpful for heart health. It also helps to regulate blood sugars.

Liz loves The Naked Pharmacy olive leaf extract, use code LIZLOVES for 20% off.

Zinc lozenges

Lab research shows that zinc can stop some viruses from multiplying. It may also help shorten the duration of a common cold. Given the immune-supporting properties of zinc, it seems sensible to ensure we have plenty in our daily diet. These are the chewable tablets or lozenges Liz has with her at the moment.

Fish oils + Vitamin D3

Liz particularly likes the fish oil supplements. These contain high-quality omega-3 oils that are sustainably sourced. Additionally, each supplement also contains the NHS recommended daily amount of vitamin D3 added to each capsule.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in modulating our innate and adaptive immune responses. Not getting enough increases our susceptibility to infection. Another of Liz’s favourite Vitamin D brands is BetterYou where you can purchase with a 15% discount using code LIZLOVES at checkout.

Listen to our podcast about omega-3 and brain health with Professor Simon Dyall

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is another super useful antioxidant nutrient. It works to support and enhance the efficiency of vitamin D and also helps support the immune system by protecting macrophages (white blood cells). Liz takes a Vitamin D formula that also includes K2 from BetterYou and we’ve manage to secure a generous 15% discount using code LIZLOVES at checkout.


Iron is an essential dietary mineral that contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, and supplements can be especially important for those who don’t eat many eggs or red meat.

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