Liz loves supplements at home

It’s so important to look after our health and make sure we’re doing all we can to keep our immune system strong. Here, Liz shares some of her favourite supplements she uses at home that help to keep her fit, healthy and ready to tackle the day.

Supplements that Liz Earle loves to use at home

Start your day with a morning shake that’s full of nutrients. These are the powders that Liz loves to use at home:

  • Garden of Life Raw Protein and Greens – this powder is made from organic sprouted brown rice, organic pea and chia, plus a blend of nutrient-rich greens. This includes organic spinach, kale, broccoli and alfalfa juice. Containing 20 grams of protein, and 0 grams sugar, packed with 1.5 Billion live probiotics and 12 enzymes.
  • Amazing Grass Green Superfood – this combines alkalizing farm fresh greens and wholesome fruits and veggies with nutrient-rich superfoods.

Life Armour

Life Armour is a brand that creates products from natural ingredients to promote wellbeing. The company puts an emphasis on the need for calm, with its products providing a protective effect from the stresses of everyday life.

Life Armour’s intelligent blends adapt according to your body’s needs to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Each product is made with 100% natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body to restore vitality and health. Liz finds that the Life Armour products make a real difference. From helping to ease tension and reducing stress to promoting a good night’s sleep.

Life armour are proud to support breast cancer now throughout October and will be making a donation to support the charity in memory of Alix, as it was a cause that was close to Alix’s heart.

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Vitamin C

Studies are increasingly showing that high doses of vitamin C are very effective in fighting off viruses.

Recently, Liz has been taking Altrient’s liposomal vitamin C. This has been proven to provide higher rates of absorption than other forms. Enjoy 10% off your next order at Abundance and Health with the code LIZLOVES.


Serenity by Newson Health supplements is designed to help promote calm and improve sleep duration and quality. It provides a combination of L-theanine (a potentially calming amino acid commonly found in tea, without caffeine) and hydrolysed casein (a potentially calming protein derivative from milk), along with B vitamins and vitamin C, all of which may contribute to the normal function of the nervous system.

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Garlic Extract

A firm favourite of Liz’s during the winter months is garlic capsules. Several studies show that garlic has antibacterial activity. Liz particularly likes the ‘aged’ garlic extracts.


Magnesium helps to turn the food we eat into energy. It also helps to support the parathyroid glands, which produce the hormones important for bone health. The Magnesium Complex by Newson Health supplements combines magnesium with a number of B vitamins to support the function of magnesium.

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Herb extracts

Liz has given her children elderberry extract or an elderberry supplement for decades now, since first exploring its antiviral properties back in the 1980s.

Thyme extract is also a helpful herb for supporting the upper respiratory tract. Liz’s whole family enjoys a couple of spoonfuls of both elderberry syrup and thyme extract every morning as a bug-busting regime.

Another botanical worth addiing into your daily regime is olive leaf extract. Used for centuries to help support a healthy immune system, this natural elixir is packed with potent polyphenols from oleuropein, a highly effective free-radical scavenger. As well as supporting the immune system, studies suggest that olive leaf extract may be helpful for heart health. It also helps to regulate blood sugars.

Liz loves the Comvita range of olive leaf extracts, made from fresh leaves.

Zinc lozenges

Lab research shows that zinc can stop some viruses from multiplying. It may also help shorten the duration of a common cold. Given the immune-supporting properties of zinc, it seems sensible to ensure we have plenty in our daily diet. These are the chewable tablets or lozenges Liz has with her at the moment.

Natural sources of zinc include red meat, chicken, baked beans, chickpeas and nuts (such as cashews and almonds).

Fish oils + Vitamin D3

The omega-3 group of essential fatty acids support brain health and cognitive function, along with a role in supporting our immune system. The long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may help to boost the immune system by enhancing the function of our immune cells, especially DHA, and by having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Liz particularly likes the fish oil supplements from Newson Health. These contain high-quality omega-3 oils that are sustainably sourced. Additionally, each supplement also contains the NHS recommended daily amount of vitamin D3 added to each capsule.

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Vitamin D plays an important role in modulating our innate and adaptive immune responses. Not getting enough increases our susceptibility to infection. Another of Liz’s favourite Vitamin D brands is BetterYou where you can purchase with a 15% discount using code LIZLOVES at checkout.

Listen to our podcast about omega-3 and brain health with Professor Simon Dyall

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is another super useful antioxidant nutrient. It works to support and enhance the efficiency of vitamin D and also helps support the immune system by protecting macrophages (white blood cells). Liz takes a Vitamin D formula that also includes K2 from BetterYou and we’ve manage to secure a generous 15% discount using code LIZLOVES at checkout.


The Iron Complex from Newson Health contains two forms of bioavailable iron, plus vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C and the probiotics, L. plantarum and L. lactis.  Iron is an essential dietary mineral that contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.

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