Menopause and GPs with Dr Justine Setchell

Liz is joined by Dr Justine Setchell to discuss the vital role that GPs play in menopause care, how to navigate a GP who isn’t up-to-date with the latest guidance, and how menopause medical training can be improved.

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Inside the episode:

  • How much menopause education will GPs receive during their training?
  • How can we seek out a GP with an interest in menopause?
  • What menopause qualifications can we look out for?
  • How can we prepare to see our GPs?
  • Is there any evidence that HRT causes breast cancer?
  • What is the role of a GP?
  • What can be done if a GP won’t prescribe HRT?
  • Why are women mistakenly prescribed antidepressants during menopause?
  • Should GPs test for menopause with a blood test?
  • Why are there HRT shortages in the UK?
  • Justine shares her tips for improving menopause care in the workplace.

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