Ep 39: Menopause & mood with Niamh Barker

This week, on Wellness with Liz Earle we are delighted to be joined by Niamh Barker.

Founder of The Travelwrap Company, Niamh began designing and producing these beautiful, cashmere travel blankets after leaving a successful (& busy!) career in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, Niamh boasts a thriving business with Prince George amongst its clients!

Tune in as Liz and Niamh discuss The Travelwrap Company’s incredible journey & also Niamh’s personal experience of changes to her moods during the menopause.

Topics discussed in the episode include:

  • How Niamh grew her small business
  • The difference between cheap ‘disposable’ cashmere, and good quality cashmere
  • Adopting running later in life
  • How to squeeze in time for exercise
  • Depression & the menopause
  • HRT treatment
  • Balancing oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone
  • What can be done to help women spot signs of the menopause more readily

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Don’t forget to download the show notes here to get all the resources mentioned in the episode and see the photos from Liz & Niamh’s trip!