The Truth about HRT


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“Liz Earle’s e-booklet does a brilliant job of safely steering the worried woman through this minefield to a safe and comfortable outcome on the other side.” – Professor Michael Baum

“As a healthcare professional who has managed menopause related issues for many years, I strongly believe that the valuable information provided by Liz in her book should be essential reading for all women of all ages!” – Consultant Gynaecologist, Mr. Nick Panay

Liz’s brand-new e-guide uncovers the truth about HRT. The aim of this guide is to give all women affected by menopause symptoms, as well as their medical advisors, the most up-to-date, relevant and helpful information on HRT to inform choices that significantly improve long-term health and wellbeing. Receipt of payment enables access to one non-transferable download.

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Downloaded The Truth about HRT yesterday and got my script from doc! Going forward with my eyes wide open! Thanks to Liz and her team for everything - all my questions answered but have also ordered The Good Menopause Guide.

Julie Morgan