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Juice is packed full of practical, step-by-step tips and information on the entire juicing process, explaining why and how juicing can really make a difference to not only your general wellbeing and health, but also the way you look and feel.

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Juicing has never been more fashionable and far from becoming another food fad, it continues to grow in popularity as a simple and effective way to supplement your diet. It’s a fast and effective way to incorporate the seven recommended portions of fruit and veg into your diet, as well as providing amazing health benefits from weight loss, improving your skin and vitality to boosting your immune system.

In Juice: The ultimate guide to juicing for health, beauty and wellbeing, the trusted health, beauty and wellbeing expert, Liz Earle, offers delicious recipes as well as giving the lowdown on her favourite ingredients, why homemade juices are so much better than shop-bought ones and tips on inner-cleansing diets and detox programmes.

In this book, you ll find all you need to know about juicing, whether you re a novice beginner or an experienced devotee. For beginners, Liz guides you through the basics such as the how-to’s and why’s of juicing techniques, which juicer to buy and lists the produce you re most likely to want to use, from apples to parsnips. For the more experienced supporter, Liz shares her all-time, best-ever, cleansing juice diets from one-day to three-day fasting and detox programmes.

Organised into chapters on juicing for weight loss including a delicious Summer Slimmer strawberry juice and the appropriately named Dream Green Cleaning Machine; juices for energy, such as Beetroot Beat-the-Blues; juices for better skin, using calming and soothing ingredients like cucumber and fennel; and juices for every stage of life, including Mad Melon juice that contains broccoli your children won t even notice, this book contains everything you need to know on the subject. Packing in your daily veg and fruit has never been so easy!

Liz has always been committed not only to a natural approach to cosmetics but to the importance of beauty from the inside out


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