Health benefits of olive oil and how it’s harvested

The most ancient elixir for health and wellbeing grows high in the Mediterranean mountains. Pure, golden olive oil has been highly prized for thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why. Numerous studies link eating olive oil with lower levels of heart disease and high blood pressure, and a statistically significant study of 40,000 adults in Spain showed that those who regularly fried food in olive oil showed no increased risk of heart disease. Recent studies have also shown the benefits of the Mediterranean diet (high in olive oil, fruit, veg and pulses; low in red and processed meat) on mental health, suggesting it could lead to a reduced risk of depression.

Back in 2016, Liz travelled to her family homestead in the heart of Italy to see the olive harvest in action. Watch this behind-the-scenes video of Liz in Italy to learn more about the health and beauty benefits of olive oil and the traditional way it is harvested from these ancient groves…