Fun alternatives to plant pots to make at home

It’s the perfect time of year for getting out in the garden and tending to your plants. But there’s no need to just stick to the classic terracotta plant pots – there are some fabulous alternatives to planters that can make fun additions to your garden and home.

From wellies to the humble baked bean can, we explain some of the easy ways you can upcycle items from around the home into stylish and quirky plant pot alternatives.

Fun alternatives to plant pots

A new lease of life for wellies

Wellies – particularly brightly coloured ones – can make excellent alternatives to plant pots. It’s also a thrifty way to get more from your wellies, if they’re past their best as a shoe.

Drill a few holes into the sole to allow for sufficient drainage and then fill with soil and your favourite blooms. Adding a few large stones to the bottom of your welly will help with balance and drainage.

Time for tea

Teapots and cups work well as planters for smaller plants and succulents, and are an excellent way to breathe new life into a chipped bit of crockery. This can also be a nice extra touch if you’re planning on buying a plant as a gift for a loved one – a simple but very stylish present in minutes! Adding a few stones to the bottom will help prevent roots becoming overwhelmed by water.

Recycle your rubbish

Tin cans are a simple and inexpensive way to jazz up your potted plants, but take great care not to cut yourself on any sharp edges or when drilling holes into the bottom to help with drainage. Keep labels on if you’re going for a retro look, or strip the can clean and keep plain or decorate with ribbons, sequins and paint.

Upcycle your old buckets

Water buckets – particularly metal ones – can make very effective alternatives to your traditional plant pots, particularly if a few rusty holes are already there to stop it getting waterlogged. Plus, if it’s still got it’s handle intact, it’s very easy to move around the garden to your preferred location.

Got a leaking watering can that’s seen better days? These also look fantastic when upcycled into a planter for your favourite flowers.

Get crafty

Making your own pots out of clay can be an excuse to try out some creative flair. There are a number of kits that offer you the opportunity to try sculpting your own pot at home. Keep it simple with a traditional shape, or opt for something a little more unique – a great family activity for a sunny day in the garden.

Forage for natural materials

Visiting the coast any time soon? Look out for some driftwood to collect on your next walk, particularly if it’s already got some natural grooves or holes in it. Air plants can work particularly well on driftwood, as they don’t require soil to survive. Instead, you’ll just need to mist them every few days to keep them looking fresh.

Alternatively, you could add succulents, but bear in mind that they’ll need to be kept in a little bit of soil to help them thrive, so you’ll need the natural grooves or holes to be filled with a little extra earth to hold the soil and your plants. Make the grooves or holes a little bigger if needed with an electric drill or chisel.

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