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Competition closed: Win a cooling menopause bedding bundle from Soak&Sleep worth £500

We’re giving away a cooling menopause bedding bundle from Soak&Sleep to one lucky reader!

About your prize

One reader will receive a bundle from Soak&Sleep that includes:

Why Soak&Sleep’s bundle is perfect for menopause

We all love the feeling of a great night’s sleep, waking feeling revived, refreshed and ready to embrace the day. But, as many of us know only too well, great quality sleep isn’t always easy to achieve. Making sure you have the right bedding for your needs can make the world of difference. That’s where Soak&Sleep comes in.

Over 60% of women report that their sleep worsens during the menopause. The symptoms of menopause such as insomnia, anxiety and headaches can wreak havoc on sleep quality, leaving you feeling exhausted during the day. Hot flushes, in particular, can disrupt what should be a blissful, restorative rest. There are several ways to make nighttime more comfortable for anyone experiencing hot flush symptoms and having the right bedding is key.

The perfect materials

Choosing materials that help regulate temperature is a good place to start, as they wick moisture away and control humidity in the area around your body. Naturally temperature-regulating New Zealand wool duvets and pillows are a great choice and French Linen makes a fantastic accompaniment to help you sleep at the perfect temperature all year round.

Soak&Sleep’s innovative Cooling Memory Foam Range has been designed to help make sleep more comfortable. Memory foam was invented by NASA to reduce cabin pressure during take-off, due to its adaptive nature. Its ability to mould around your body and head means memory foam provides excellent support whilst sleeping. Infused with a cooling gel, this range is designed for people who love the support of memory foam but struggle with the way it holds onto heat. Soak&Sleep’s fabulous Cooling Pillow, Mattress & Topper are ideal for a cooler, fresher way to sleep.

Approved for menopause

This range is endorsed by the Menopause Experts Group (MEG). Soak&Sleep has partnered with the Menopause Experts Group, an award-winning leading source of educational information and support. MEG provides solutions and guidance for everyone affected by negative symptoms like brain fog, joint pain, and sleep disorders. The brand is also proud to be a Menopause Experts Group Approved Business.

“There is no doubt that having the right bedding aids sleep, making it more comfortable when experiencing troublesome menopausal symptoms like; hot flushes or night sweats – a game-changer for me personally,” says Dee Murray, CEO & Founder of Menopause Experts Group. “I road-tested all the products that I’ve recommended. Soak&Sleep has helped me achieve a deeper and more comfortable sleep, and after testing, we awarded them Menopause Approved status on certain products in their range.”

Find out more about Soak&Sleep at or contact the team at 01483 616616 and [email protected].

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This competition is now closed.

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