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Ice lolly recipes to beat the heat

When we’re lucky enough to be treated to more than three consecutive days of summer, staying hydrated is more important than ever. And what could be better than an ice lolly to ward off dehydration? We love making our own as it means there’s no chance of the ice cream van running out of our favourite flavour, and we can ensure that they are filled with fresh, healthy ingredients rather than processed sugar and artificial colouring. Try our fail-safe ice lolly and ice cream recipes below:

Lemon and Ginger Zingers

These zingy, citrusy lollies are a cool, thirst quenching alternative to fruit juice. Have a batch on hand in the freezer for an unexpected heatwave.

Grapefruit and mint ice lolliesice lollies lemon ginger zinger summer liz earle wellbeing

What could be more refreshing than tangy grapefruit and cool mint? These lollies are low calorie and high in flavour.

Persian rose frozen yoghurt, kulfi-styleice lollies persian rose kulfi frozen yoghurt - liz earle wellbeing

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream, which doesn’t require any churning. Our take on it uses homemade yoghurt, fresh raspberries, pistachios and rosewater to make an absolutely stunning, bright pink dessert.

Rosewater, strawberry and mint ice cubes with petals

 and Coconut water, viola and lime ice cubes

These brightly coloured floral ice cubes are an easy way to add instant class to your glass. Perfect for cocktails or mocktails, or simply to liven up some sparkling water.

Elderflower and borage flower fizz lollies

These delicate floral lollies make a delicious light treat at the end of a hot, sticky day.