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Our favourite autumnal meals

After a summer of light suppers, some hearty, warming meals and evenings spent on the sofa are often welcomed as the evenings start to draw in. Autumn food should leave you feeling nourished, cosy and satisfied as we gear up to face chillier weather. We’ve picked out some of our favourite autumnal recipes which make the most of the produce of the season.

pumpkin soup graphic liz earle wellbeing     root vegetable gratin liz earle wellbeing          

Spicy roast pumpkin soup

This thick, spicy soup will keep you full and warm all day long. Make the most of pumpkins while they are in season by picking them up in bulk and cooking a vast batch of soup. It freezes really well to be enjoyed for weeks to come.

Pancetta and root vegetable gratin

For a meal so packed with earthy, nourishing root vegetables with a hearty portion of cheese, this gratin is surprisingly light – with only around 500 kcals per portion. Best enjoyed on a cold evening with a bitter chicory or radicchio salad.

Venison carbonnade

Venison is a delicious, sustainable lean meat with a gamey flavour that provides something a little more interesting than the usual offerings of beef or pork. This dish can be left in the slow cooker, ready to greet you with a filling, truly wholesome meal when you return home from an autumnal adventure.

Stuffed globe artichokes with breadcrumbs, parmesan, garlic and olive oil

We love feasting with family and friends, and sharing dishes are a wonderful way to build conversation and a sense of community around the table. Globe artichokes not only look beautiful, they taste fantastic too. The stuffing makes them even more special.

Green lentil dhal with turmeric and ginger

Flavoured with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger, this spicy dhal is a mouth-watering meat free option that will perk you up if you’re under the weather.